Friday, April 27, 2007


As many of you know, Julie and I support friends and workers in orphanages and seniors homes in Central Asia. For the most part, the large majority of the work is not posted on this blog , as it is done in "RESTRICTED" Nations. Well if you remember the posting about McJoyfull Christmas You will know that we raise money here in Canada to send kids out to McDonalds for Christmas, and a years supply of vitamins. Well in Xxxxx there is no McDonalds, but there is no shortage of kids. For the past 4 months, I have been receiving updates about all the parties......and it is still going on! Here is an email I received a few hours ago.

Thank you to those of you who have been giving faithfully to support this project.

Hello my friends !!!In one of our project –orphanage for normal children we have 126 children and recently we realized that from all of our children 21 boys do not have anybody to visit them at least once a year. You know it happened that some children have far relatives who might visit them couple times a year, some children have some people who found them on the street and brought them to our orphanage so this people come once a year and many other cases. So what I want to say is this-our 105 kids have somebody who come to visit them once or couple times a year and they get so happy about it and they talk about it all year long like-“Do you know 4 month ago I visit my neighbors where I use to live with my parents” or something like-“Do you know 7 month ago in September I had my aunt to visit me here. But 21 boys do not have anybody and they hear all the stories all the time and they did not have any of their own. Just imagine - they been living in our orphanage day by day and did not leave the orphanage even once. We felt so bad about it. We wanted to show them that they are not alone and there is Somebody who always cares about Them and we invite this 21 boys to the restaurant for shish-kabob and oh…I wish that everybody who was giving money for this project ( feed children at the Christmas) sow our happy-happy boys. I am sending you pictures but pictures won’t show you the atmosphere…

Thank you for making possible for us to show this children that they are loved too Another miracle happened that all the cooks sow our boys and they gave them 4 kinds of salads for free And 50 shish-kabobs for free so end up we only paid $45. God is so good to us and He multiplies our money so we are able do more and more and bless more and more orphans. God bless you !!!

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LaJoy Family said...

John and Julie, it is official, I am addicted to your blog! It is the only one I must check daily to be able to see how else God is working in an area that has so touched my heart over the years. Thanks for posting this story, for explaining how much human contact makes a difference for these kids...for showing how it hurts the soul to be abandoned and left forgotten...and how easy it is for something to be done about it!