Thursday, April 05, 2007

Problem Solved

Right from the first time we talked about taking an extended family trip into Central Asia, Julie would say "I don't know if we can do that to the girls" she was of course talking about the bathroom situation ! If you can imagine your worst bathroom nightmare, now add smell to it, OK do you have that picture in your head, now double it and add a few "Locals" staring at you, and you are almost there.
Many of the projects that we are involved with do not even have a washroom . We tried to figure out different solutions. one was going to be building a Porto potty on wheels that we could tow from sight to sight. Then a few weeks back we were looking through the Sears spring and summer catalog and found this. It is sold as a change tent. Now just add a portable toilet and there you have it. The whole tent collapses into a small little carrying bag and weighs about 1 lb.

Who knows our portable "Julie Johns" might become popular over there.....I know they will be popular with the teams.


Anonymous said...

Not the "Julie Johns"!
Wonder how they will stand up to high wind....then there are also the breezes outside! Lol!

Julie & John Wright said...

Ya it's great, they come with four long strings with pegs so you can peg it down just like a hot air ballon . Not that you would need it !

Anonymous said...

Definitely would be a "gas"!

imtina said...

That looks a million times better than the ones there that require you to have really good 'aim' which is no big whoop for guys...but when you're a's different.


don said...

If wind is a probl;em, they make ice fishing tents. Its simply a tent that has no floor. It has a lower profile. That way, If you didnt want to drag the portapotty around, you could just dig a hole....hhhmmm...Maybe the portapotty will better!

A Pawn In This Game Called Life said...

I love it! The bathroom situation at some of those places can be a nightmare - especially for a teenage girl! What innovative parents you are!