Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Today is Her Birthday!

This is a photo of Aipery and myself taken at the amusement part in town last November. When I first met Aipery life was a little different for her. She and her siblings live in an orphanage in the village. I don't think it fitting to get into to much detail on the blog, but she had just recently arrived at the orphanage. You see the last birthday that she had celebrated, ended with her father tying her to a tree and making her watch as he tried to be-head her mother with an axe.

You can only imagine the emotional battles that she faces, But she is an amazing young lady. After some very in depth and emotional counseling with Sergey and I along with a few members of our team, Aipery came to me with a letter.....She wants to think on me when she thinks of a father figure.....She feels ready to celebrate her birthday again.

So lets join with her in our hearts and our prayers today as she celebrates this special day.

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