Saturday, April 07, 2007

One happy Lady

We were on a stop over in the Ukraine, and decided to take the opportunity to visit and bring some presents to a small orphanage our friend Ed has been supporting there for many years. It was incredible. In the short time that Ed had been supporting them, they had become self sufficient. They had a wood shop where they made doors and were in the process of converting an old barn into a bakery. The director shared with us how the kids had gone around the village and identified all the seniors that were shut In's , and are going to look after them through the winter. They will keep their fires going and bring them meals. It was such a blessing to see these kids reaching out and setting the example for their community
as we were talking to the director Ed took the opportunity to do a little business, but she was not able to read the documents. Her Eye sight had gotten to the point that she could not see properly. She shared how the problem was different from one eye to the other, and that meant that she could not find glasses to work for her. Suddenly Julie remembered a pair of glasses in her purse. Our daughter had a similar Eye problem, but after no longer needing glasses, she gave them to us to take over sea's. We had been to Central Asia and back, and had forgotten about them until that moment........ You guessed it. they were the perfect prescription..... as if they had been made by the "GREAT PHYSICIAN"


LaJoy Family said...

They were made by the Great Physician, and you were just the delivery "company"!!! Don't tell me it is a coincidence, God still speaks if we only listen! Isn't it awesome to witness His work?

Julie & John Wright said...

yes it is in the unexpected things that we find the miracles !
thanks for he comment
Blessings John