Monday, March 26, 2007

"T" Minus 35 Days

Hello dear John.
I have a good news. Yra, this lady who live now in the house what Sam's son buy, she is yesterday open the heart for God, I say for Jesus well come for her heart. I am so happy, I long time pray about her and I remeber what one day she be in our apartment and she told me what she have many problems, and I and Vladik my old son prayd for her, what God chenge her life and open her eyes. Wow, I fink what you not understand how I feel now, I know what God happy too. I am happy what I can see, what one more people come to Jesus. And I have one more news, I long time think how we can work with people for whom we help, how we can work for God. I don't want just bring the food, and buy clothes. And many time I don't know what need doing, I one day Lena start talk with me" Anya, what you think if I start doing home group in my hous for peole for whom we helpp?" Wow, I say YES is will be good, "When?" :)
And Yra told for her what she will come in this week. Praise the Lord.God is good.
I'm happy and my heart happy too. Yes I long time pray about her, many time I'm to lose courege, and many time I caryd because I many time think what I nether not will see what she will come to Jesus, but again and again I prayd and again my heart cryd, because I can't see how she break the God's heart, I one day I told for God "God, I can't see how people break your heart, and for me hard too, I what to go for YOU in the sky" :(
But now I'm happy, what she come to Lord. Praise the Lord.
God bless you.

This is just the begining? Watch for "One" comming May 1 st.

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