Monday, March 26, 2007

Come See Us !

Julie, John, Emma, & Bekah

Have you ever thought of going on a short term missions trip ?
Maybe an adventure holiday is more your style!
Maybe you are going through the adoption process and will be in Central Asia
Or maybe you would just like to come visit us! what ever your case,
We will be in a town in Central Asia from Feb. through to July and would love to do what ever we can to assist you. for informantion and booking , Email us at


jef said...

Hello John,

I feel so happy that the painting was bid for that amount. He really is a great painter (for his age) and I do hope he will hone that talent for a very lucrative career.

Thanks for droppin by and of course, for praying for me. It means a lot.

Across my heart,


Anonymous said...

Hey bro
Ben wrote me an encouraging email. He's a good man..of course you know that.
Some day I may join you on one of these trips.
This is good work.

Hi Jef


Anonymous said...

Well I am hoping to be available to visit while you are there. :)First I want to work on getting you all there well. !!