Monday, March 12, 2007

no news from Central Asia

Well no news yet! Dave and Sam should have arrived a few hours ago in town. They are going to be spending a few days there before heading on to Xxxxxx for a week. We sent them loaded down with gifts for our friends there. Also they had a hockey bag full of knitting for the orphanage children.
The last trip over, although I did not make it myself, I was able to send a group of the ladies over to the Baby Orphanage with some beautiful quilts that were made by a friend of ours. It has been neet to see these quilts show up in photo's posted on other blog sights by people visiting the Town Baby orphanage. here is a photo of them being dropped off... Keep your eyes open you may see them again.

Ed Dickson Stoped by for a visit tonight, It was really good to see him, He had to speak at church tonight, then head for Leamington first thing in the morning.... that and the jet leg made it a short visit, but we are glad that he could make it.

Did I mention how much I hate winter, Friday our pump quit and I had to climb down the well and put in a new one, and Sunday we ran out of oil in the furnace again , and the wood pile is getting picked over, and all that's left now are the odd sized pieces....Then I think of the last post,..... of the excitement when we had coal delivered to some of the seniors,..... Gianna never has running water.... and I am sure he would be happy for Odd sized pieces of wood!

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