Tuesday, March 06, 2007

News from Lenya in Central Asia


Hello My dear Friends!!!!!!
Praise the Lord that I have opportunity share my joy and pain with you!!!!!!
We are did lot of work in January and February. And I saw many mercy and power of God!!!!!!
Three seniors get in this winter warm in they homes. We are bought a coal for them.)))))And also seniors get products and medicines
I meet with 4 new seniors.

I was visit they homes and have talk with them. Please pray for me and for this people. I need have close trust contact with them. And after I can speak to this people about Jesus. Some times ago (1st of March) I had visit for one lady . Her story touched my heard. She is not old. She is 45. But her heart is broken and she is don’t have hope. She is don’t have own house. She has nobody who can care about her. She is sick. Very sick. She has sickness of stomach. Praise God now she can live in apartment of kind old lady (we are help to her too). But it’s apartment not for long time. When I visit her she was amazing. She is understood that she is not along. I saw hope in her eyes . I begin pray for her. And she is begin cry. I believe that Gog will tough her heart.

I bought for her medicines and some food. She was very glad. Please support us in prayers for this woman. I believe God will save her!!!!!!!
This woman needs in a good doctor and good medicines. But it’s not possible for her, because she don’t have money. But I know, God is Lord in all situations!!!!!God is able!!!!! We are pray!!!!!!

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