Saturday, December 30, 2023

Time has run out

Every month we give Tanya $100 to bless the seniors .  She has about 15 that she helps out and keeps an eye on .  This budget is enough for her to bless 5 or 6 of the ones that are most in need at the time . 

When we have teams there w do a little catch up and bring them grocery shopping and some times out for a meal .  But every month they get what is most important to them ... A visit from Tanya. 

We had a few sponsors for this at the beginning of the year who sponsored a senior for the year at $20 a month ... for those sponsorships time has run out.  So we are now looking for some sponsors that would like to help us continue this important project.  

We had a year end get together with many of our team from one end of the valley to the other .  Unfortunately not all could attend due to illnesses ,  but it was great for those that could attend to spend some time together .   


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