Friday, December 29, 2023

Back in quarantine

The team packed up 30 more food bags and 30 more tons of coal , and went out on deliveries .  they had   couple more break downs but managed to get 14 families delivered to.
We have started to run into a bit more difficulty as some of our team has become quite sick so we will need to  slow the pace a little bit for the next few days . 

Those that did receive coal and food were so blessed. 

We tthen got called to the Luke Services International office where we were gifted with a lovely cake ... a show of appreciation for the solid partnership we have with them to bring aid to families in need. 

I do know all too well about having the stuffing knocked out of you .. Julie and I have both tested positive covid and are feeling the effects.   We had so many visits planed for the next couple weeks as we were planning get together with friends and sponsors .  But for now we are quarantined in our home ..  Praying we shake this a little quicker this time around.  


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