Saturday, December 16, 2023

So Blessed

I can not begin to express how blessed we are feeling right now .  What an encouragement .   Yesterday we had a disaster , in the crunch of the winter to have our main house boiler rupture and lines in the floor break.. It was a disaster and an expensive one at that .  The same day a sponsor heard about the need and came forward with enough funds to cover the repairs and the restoration costs .. The guys got right to work and the new boiler is being installed right now .    

Vlad purchasing new boiler and parts

 While two of the boys worked with  One Sergey replacing the boiler and pipes , the other two boys worked with the other Sergey putting the new steering racks on the truck. 

Right now they have been experiencing white outs mixed with freezing rain so its just as well that they are off the roads for a few days .  

The Next 4 loads of coal will be arriving at the farm this week and bagged up in time for delivery's again starting on the 25th .  We are planning on having 30 food hampers to go with them as well . 

Today was Merlans birthday so it was nice that Olivtina was on the farm today to help having a small celebration for him  

I still have special Christmas wishes come in every day .  Here are a few .

Her name is Gulzada and she is mom of two girls who really wishes to have oven. She is a mom who is staying home with her small children and would like to bake little samsas, or pies to sell and help her husband to make money. Thanks.  $75

 Hello, my name is Cholpon and my husband and I live in a village in Naren, where we have very cold and long winters. As village people our wish is to have 5-6 chickens. To have meat and eggs in the future, thanks. $35

This young girl’s Christmas wish is to have art supplies. She lives with her two younger brothers and her mom.  we would like to purchase some art supplies for her as well as some gifts to bless her brothers as well 


Here are a couple of her paintings she has done 

This next request is from Aiperi in Pakistan where we support her to work with the Afghanistan refugees   She writes 

 This mom will ask for help for her grandchildren who were left without parents, they recently died, now she will take care of them. 16-10-7-5 years old they need help in the form of (clothes and shoes since it’s cold here now) $160

Who remembers the Blind society ? We are the only benefactor of this Christmas celebration every year .  200 to 300 kids from families where the kids or the parents are blind. each year we are able to sponsor them about $1000 .  this year we have no donations in for them yet .  so lets set our sights a little lower .. maybe $250 or $500 would be a more do-able number, then at least we could help with a party for them . 

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