Thursday, December 07, 2023

The seventh day of Christmas

 The seventh day of Christmas is one that I am really excited about. 

 Christmas on the farm .   

Every year we have been able to put on a great Christmas party for the boys.  Growing up in an orphanage   Christmas came when we brought it .. The food , the gifts, the party, were all provided , then when they came to the farm that tradition continued.  Acel , Kamala and Nick worked hard to purchase the best gifts for them and arrange a party .  This year we are purposing to get them more involved.. not just receiving but the giving.  We are going to do a name draw where they each choose someone from a hat , then decide what to get them and do the shopping, then help setting up and cooking for the party.  We will help with some money for them to shop with and cover the food cost for the party . We are expecting 30 people @ $25 each .. so for this special day we are looking for $750 

In a few hours, Julie and I will be heading back to the airport.  We are on our way to Newfoundland  to go see Bekah , Azamat and Amelia for a week. 

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