Friday, December 01, 2023

First day of Christmas

I can remember one time returning to the orphanage in the spring. The kids were so excited to come and share with me about how some one came to the orphanage and brought them all a gift and a had a big party. As I was listening to them share , my mind was doing the math.. it was a large orphanage , and that would be a lot of money, so I said to my friend who diving me "That is so awesome , who was it ?"  his response was "YOU".    
    As we think about being able to bring a Christmas celebration to the kids in the orphanages I think " how will we ever do that ?" and the answer is "YOU". 
This year we would like to bring Christmas to about 400 children from 6 different orphanages.  At $10 a child , that will be a goal of $4000 to make it happen 

We have had some more wishes come in for day 12 .. here is a sneak preview .

Hello, my name is Mirgul  Currently I study in KRSU University. My parents live in a village. Because of poor medical service in our village I never have been at the eye doctor before. My need and wish to buy an eye glasses. $100


Hello my name is Nargiza. My Christmas wish is to have kitchen utensils and a blender, thanks $40

Before coming back to Kyrgyzstan this fall, our friend Sergey had a special wish .  He wanted to set up a proper wood working shop .. So with the help of a sponsor, we were able to pour a Propper floor and bring in several pieces of precision equipment.. Today we completed that job and the shop is up and running .. Sergey has
 some great plans of projects to make with the boys.  

Tonight we will meet with all the farm folk for our good buy supper. Tomorrow we will spend the day in Bishkek on our way to the airport. 

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