Monday, December 04, 2023

On the fourth day of Christmas

 So today we are highlighting the 4th day of Christmas wish. 

This one is one that is not as much fun for the kids but one that is really needed .. kind of like getting underweared from Grandma .... not as exciting but you use it every day . 

Julie and I made it as far as Amsterdam last night. We will be heading on to Toronto tomorrow.   We have a very nice hotel beside the airport.  They have a great restaurant here.  We were able to book the hotel with some meals using our visa points from our bookings to get to Kyrgyzstan, so that is fun.  Today we will go see the Van Gough museum and the Dam Square and maybe more .. we have a day pass for public bus so we could end up anywhere.  Tomorrow we fly home through Iceland so praying that the volcano will hold off one more day to give us time to pass.     

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