Thursday, December 30, 2021

You can be part of a virtual team.

I have been chatting with  Vlady.  He shared a need that he has and is hoping that we can help him.  He has a house that he had for people needing a place to live, but during the fall he had a fire there, and the house is now unlivable.  To repair the house and put a new roof on it is $3700 more then he has.   This is the type of thing that would be done by a team if we had teams coming.  The boys from the farm can help with the labour.  I am thinking that if we found half a dozen people that would like to be part of a virtual team and help us to raise the funds, we could really bless Vlady and Dr Tatyana.  They do so much for so many 

What a great thing to be able to help them at this time . 

Last week I had shared about needing to order more coal.  I am always amazed at Gods provision.  A couple days ago we received a blessing from Luke Services International that was able to cover all 35 tons .  Then today they gave Vlad a cake and candies for a new years celebration out at the farm.  What a great blessing for not just us but so many families that we will be able to help out. 


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