Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Out on deliveries

The little white truck is still on the road. Almost every day we hear of people who have run out of coal.  With the power shortages and not being able to heat with electricity, many are forced to heat with coal and did not have enough coal  on hand, or the money to purchase it if they can find it. 

It is almost certain that if people are cold and can't afford coal,  then for the most part they will be hungry as well .  So we have been delivering both coal and food to families. 

These are just a few of the families who the boys visited today.  
I bet the boys were thinking that when the fields were all harvested that they would be taking it easy.   They have been such a blessing to so many .. those bags are about 100 lbs each and they have bagged and delivered  into the thousands. 

Marat did get a couple days off last week for some eye tests .  He was having a little trouble and thought we should check it out.  He has been given some eye drops and medication and yesterday received his new glasses.
At 2 am yesterday Julie and I were up and on a skype visit with the farm. It was so nice to see everyone. Acel Nick and Kamalla did all the shopping and organizing for this . 

Thank you to everyone who has had a part of these events that were sponsored through the Christmas Wish book

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