Friday, December 24, 2021

Hope and Pray

Its Christmas eve and the boys are working late into the night.  Truck after truck arrived bringing more coal as we are preparing for coal and food deliveries to more families. The needs just continue to grow.  When they started to give away the coal that was set aside for the farm and the green house we were getting a little concerned but made the decision and have ordered another 35 tons of coal.  The boys will be busy puting the coal into 100 lb bags , then starting in the morning HOPE will arrive in the little white truck. 

We have also delivered coal in bulk to some locations that will distribute it to families around them. 

We had a donation of Christmas gifts for the village kids that we will be able to give away with the food hampers.   The boys are also working on preparing the food hampers .  The guest house has been transformed and is being used as a place to pack and prepare . 

We got a nice picture of our Christmas tree in Kyrgyzstan all decorated .. wish we were there , but glad that our friends can enjoy it.  


We HOPE and pray that you all have a wonderful Christmas.

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