Friday, December 17, 2021

Busy fulfilling Christmas wishes.


Today the coal arrived at the seniors home .  All the Babushka's and Babushka's say thank you and wish you all good health and hippieness this Christmas , and say please come visit us!  
Here is a short video clip of the dining room and kitchen in their new home. 

The team is getting organized for Christmas with the Blind Society .  You know that it is going to be a big party when you have to go shopping with a fork lift rather then a grocery cart.

lots of sorting and packing to get ready for the big day . There will be 250 kids at the party on the 25th so stay tuned for more photos of the big day 

Sergey was over to the baby and childrens hospitals to get the work started on Dr Anaras wish to have the glass partitions put up .  This will be a huge help to stop cross contamination between patients .

.                                                                                                                                            Dustan's classes go right through Christmas so he will not be able to attend the Christmas on the farm this year so Nick stopped by to see him today and bring him his Christmas gifts.  

For more opportunity to be a blessing this Christmas , please check out the

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