Monday, December 06, 2021

Arranging and Rearranging

 Today I have updated the Christmas wish book  . Moved a few items to the Done list and added a new wish from our friend Auxana .

Speaking of Christmas, Julie and I have spent the morning arranging and rearranging Christmas plans .  Vlad and Alina are expecting the new baby any day, and Julie and I were going to look after all the Christmas stuff, including the 4 large bags of gifts we had packed. Now we need to reorganize .  We will  spread as much of the work out as we can.  Vlad will be there to make the on the ground decisions but we will try to have others responsible for filling the Christmas wishes.   Acel, Kamalla, Nick, Sergey, Ravil, Tanya, Vera ... They will all be chipping in to pull this off.  They are all so good at this type of thing, I am sure they will all do fine .. The most difficult thing is to start making plans with out knowing for sure what will be sponsored, but we will be ready just in case. 

Chatting with Vera today she was sharing how happy and blessed people are to receive the food deliveries she is doing this week in her village . 

Even when we think we are done with the coal deliveries,  I am not sure we ever will be .   This week the boys were out again to a few more families in need.. Many have supplemented heating other years with electricity, but this year with the power shortages and higher prices as a result of the drought during the summer, people have had to start heating more with coal again .

Back on the farm, The tomato seeds we planted in the green house are doing great, and have just started to produce small tomatoes... 

The boys and Vlady are still busy building the banya .. photos to follow . Our hope is that we will have the Banya up and running in time for new years eve . That will be a treat for them . 

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