Monday, September 27, 2021

It fills my heart with emotions !

This is one of those photos that fills my heart with emotions.  Knowing the difficulties that so many families are facing , seeing the deliveries of coal and food to their door is such a blessing.  

This is one of five families that we delivered to today.  It is a little extra special to me because I know these kids.  We  would often stop and pick them up on our way to or from the yurts .. They have a three km walk to school and they just seem so small against the back drop of snow capped mountains. 

Even from a young age, life is not easy for them, but thanks to some of you, they have a hope and encouragement for the coming winter as is evident on their faces. 

After a hard day of bagging coal and food and making deliveries, the boys on the farm have a bit of classroom time in the evening after they get washed up. 

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