Wednesday, September 15, 2021

"We've been every where boy"

What a busy few days it has been for our friends.   Lets start with Dave and Sergey.  They are delivering food to families from Tokmok in the north to Jalabad in the south . 

Aiperi has also been very busy in an undisclosed location.  She is working here in a tent village brining food to those in need.. She said that the needs are so great that she was getting nervous when she got to the end of her hampers. They are all so desperate . 

Vlad was busy today bringing some of the kids from the village to the bazaar to get some clothes for school .

Back on the farm , the guys were busy packing the next batch of food hampers that will be delivered over the next few days . 

Some of the boys were working in the fields harvesting some pumpkins that will be delivered with the next batch of food 
This evening after work the boys had some classroom time where they are learning about Goal setting and being motivated .. Icecream is always a good motivation tool .

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