Saturday, September 04, 2021

Trusting the vision

 It has been 5 years since we planted 200 little twigs into the field and called it an apple orchard.  I have to tell you that nothing stretches your faith like farming .. 

The twigs were not much more then marshmallow sticks. 

Then a couple years ago they were rigorously pruned to look more like grape Vines ... Trusting the vision ... 

A branch growing on the horizontal will produce twice the fruit of a vertical one , and allowing light in will produce bigger fruit .. then having them in the chicken run is a organic way to keep the bugs down .. 
Well today we are seeing the end result 

The fruit is beautiful 

And they are so abundant 

We will make a storage seller to keep them fresh so that we can deliver them to the orphanages during the winter when fruit pric s are too high for them to normally include fruit in the diets 

We have plans now for two small projects if the funds come in .  We would like to purchase a fruit press to make juice along with the canning supplies ($200) 

And the other project is to build shelves and boxes and put in a fan in a root cellar to store apples at the right temperature and humidity. ($200) 
As I look at the pictures , I can't help but think what my grandson Aiden would say 

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