Sunday, September 19, 2021

Apple pickin' time on the farm.

Today we had to take a break from food deliveries and do some more harvesting. 
Despite the drought , we were able to bring in about 70 more bails of hay .. this is about 25% of what it would be on a good year, but at least we got some ..many are just leaving the crop in the fields .

We had a group of travelers that came for the weekend to help us with the harvest. 

apples picked and sorted.  Leaving us with over 1000 lbs of apples to put into the cellar . 

They had a meal of monte when they were finished .. I am jealous.. Aigoola's monte is so good .  

Look over the shoulders on the right .. That is one huge pile of egg plant . 

Meanwhile back in Canada , I am just about ready for my first harvest.  😁


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