Thursday, September 09, 2021

Getting ready for Seniors Day

We have started processing some of the apples .  Using some of the reclaimed lumber from last week,  They were able to build several drying racks, and have begun drying apples ... Something I could never pull off here in Canada, the squirrels and chipmunks would have the racks empty in a day . 

The dried apples are reconstituted with water and boiled , this makes a really nice apple compote .. like a mild juice . 

We have also started to collect stacking crates that we can use to put apples into the root cellar for the winter .  

Our friend Dave landed in Kyrgyzstan this morning .  Already he has been out to see Auxana and delivered her coal, and canning supplies for the winter .  She was very happy to see him as you can imagin 

We are quickly approaching Oct. 1st , other wise known as SENIORS DAY.  this is a big day for the elderly in Kyrgyzstan and something that we like to celebrate with them every year .  

 We are currently collecting donations towards this event.  This year we will provide food hampers for them, but add some sweets and special treats as well.  We are looking to raise $20 per senior. and would like to have at least 60 packages to deliver .   donations for this can be made at the top right side of the blog.  Just put seniors day in the memo line . 

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