Friday, September 24, 2021

Priceless !

We are a week away from Seniors day .. I have advanced the funds so they can start packing gift bags and preparing for the day.  It will work out to $10 a person and we have sent $750 to start with .  If you would like to sponsor one or two that would be amazing.  If more then $750 comes in , we will have no problem delivering as many gift bags as we raise funds for .  

 A lot of us talk about Freedom and about being tired of isolation .. But stop for a minute and think of what it looks like for the men at the men's home.  They have been in full lock down for 18 months.  

Today they had a reprieve.  Today a group of them along with a couple of their nurses and the driver from the home got to go on an outing to the Kashar.  Emagin the feeling of freedom .. No gates and walls or fences .. just wide open space to relax.  Tanya did an amazing job with the food as well 

 This is a day that they will remember for a long time.  We are blessed to have on going sponsorship to off set the cost of events like this.  All in, this event was $200. but the real value for these men ..Priceless !

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