Monday, June 15, 2020

The blessings continue

I received an update last night from friends in KG.  If you were wondering about the impact from the food hampers , read this 

This Sunday, we gathered together for the first time since the quarantine. All were masked and sat 1 meter apart from each other. Tears flowed freely as they prayed and glorified God together. It is a different feeling when many people praise and pray in unity. What a tremendous power it will be when all the churches of the world together in the unity of the Holy spirit worship God wow, I felt it and such a longing to see it and hear it. A lot of people  came out and talked about how during the quarantine, God changed the character, changed the relationship with people, God did not leave them hungry and there was food through the food packages and we thank you too that many people received food on time. people were crying talking about being helped with food.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the donation for packages. It is the hand of God that has used various vessels to cover the needs of others. Grocery bags were a tool for the gospel and hope for others. Thank you again.

Things are starting to open up, but there are still many that are in a desperate situation , they have missed much of the spring work available and will still take some time to get back to normal, Our next food drop will be focusing on some of the smaller villages were we have contact .  we are still $1200 behind on the last huge drop, so we will be a little more conservative this time and will aim for 100 families for $1000.   We would love your help so we can continue to be a blessing to others. 

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