Saturday, June 13, 2020

Living in the present

The way the world is right now, it is hard not to just live in the present , focusing on the current ,here and now needs. With the pandemic, we had to close the guest house ( about 40% of our operating funds ) and cancel 6 spring groups that provide most of the humanitarian aid that we do.  
    We have not only by Gods grace, met our monthly commitments, but have also provided large food hampers to over 1000 families as well as sponsor fresh made bread given out to thousands more.  We have managed to cover repairs and maintenance not just at the farm but things like a new boiler system and chimney at the orphanage treatment home .  
    We have been so busy focusing on these needs that it almost came as a shock to me when I looked back and saw that every year at this time we are raising funds for scholarships .. 
2018 fathers-day scholarship campaign  
I guess this year should be no different .  we still have students wishing to return to school in some form or another in just a few months .  Included in that we have two students that did not make it back to KG this summer from their schools in the US, and their tuition's will be due again soon.   
So I guess It is time that I force myself to start looking and making plans for the future, including all our kids back to school for another year.  If you would be willing to change gears with me for a couple weeks I am sure that we could get this need taken care of by fathers day so that they too can start thinking ahead to the future and going back to school for another year.. what ever form that takes .

There has been so much work for Vlad organizing food deliveries, he was blessed when one of our neighbors and friends at the farm offered to help.  Vlad was able to drop off a bunch of packages with his family and they delivered them to families in need in the village.   

This spring with all that was going on including the bazaars beeing shut down, it was a good thing we had a green house and were able to start our own plants.  The boys have been working hard and were still able to get the gardens in .  Here are a few of the photos around the farm 

sweet peppers 

tomato plants 

Cabbages in with the spinach 

 Thank you far remembering our kids this school season as we try once again to meet the requirements for their tuition's .  
" Life must go on "

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