Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Next up, The Babushkas and the Blind .. Can you help ?

  It sure has been a busy few days since I posted last.  This photo of this mother from Feb. was the last batch of Vitamins that we were able to give out to families in Bishkek .  We have 3 or 4 families on a waiting list for some prenatal vitamins when we are able to get them.   They are about $20 a family if anyone would like to help with that.   

The food deliveries have been going well . Vera and Oleg had identified a bunch of families in their area that were in need of help , so we were happy to be able to help them out. 

  Sibera has been gathering up a list of students and other friends of hers and they will deliver the food to them on Friday.   But today has been an extra busy day .  The hay came in today.  There was one hitch , the tractor could not fit through the front gate so the boys had to carry about 500 bails in by hand and throw them up into the barn.

They had a little extra help.  This is Lotia. he is  new to the farm, but not new to us. we have spent time with him and had him on outings with us for about 8 years, in fact I looked back through my files and was able to find this picture when we were at a restaurant with him back in 2012. 

He is a shy boy so we will give him a few days to settle in , then we will see what he needs for clothes and things .  It would be great if we could find Lotia a monthly sponsor . It generally costs us about $100 a month per person for food, clothes and medical etc. and then another $50 a month that they get on top of that for a salary.    some times it takes a few sponsors to meet the need , so any amount helps. 

Now here is another BIG need.  Next week we are continuing with food drops in Bishkek, organized by Acel.   There are two areas that we would like to help . The first is the Babushka Adoption program .  This is an organization that our friend Eris from Switzerland works with that provides support for seniors that do not have anyone looking after them .  They find sponsors to help care for them.  At this time, there is an extra need there as the organizations resources will be taking a big hit with the on going  crisis. so we will start with one large food drop to the central location and if funds come in we will be able to do the second office that is in the out lying areas .  They have also expressed a need for funds to be able to buy medications for them. 

The other area we will focus is again with Acel.  We would like to bring help to the blind society.  There are several hundred that we throw a big Christmas party for every year.  The have identified many of them that have been hit extra hard by the shut down.  So we will try to get food and support out to them as soon as possible . 

So here is the break down of how the next  $2500 donation drive will go.  $1000 for the Babushka Project, $1000 for the Blind Society and the other $500 will be used for Vitamins and medication and medical expenses.  If any extra comes in it will go to the out lying areas for the Babushka project.

Thank you all so much for considering how you may be able to help us at this time with all these needs .  

Next post I will share with you our plans for slowly and safely  opening back up with guest house , starting with the Kashar (Mountain Ranch ) and Yurts. 

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