Tuesday, June 23, 2020

I am still not ready !

Like so many of you , I am so tired of this. I just want it to be over and be on a plane back to Kyrgyzstan where we can go in person to help.  We are able to be in touch a  few hours in the morning and a few hours in the evening when time zones meet up, and the rest of the day is restless , thinking and praying about what more we can do.  If you have been watching you see that the deliveries are staggered ,  every other set of deliveries is organized by Vlad and the rest of the deliveries are organized and delivered by many others that we have had on going relationships with.  so while Vlad is getting reorganized and preparing for more deliveries , this week Ermic is on deliveries. 

We have worked with Ermic at the blind society for may years ,  Usually it is for times of celebration that we are there, but I guess if you are 100 days into a pandemic and isolation and are out of food and supplies , Today would be a celebration .  
Today they can celebrate because we did not forget about them , and we could help because you did not forget about us . 

I had been starting to get optimistic about the numbers , things have been starting to open up here with continued safe distancing and being careful.. When we all do our part we might even be able to make this work .  I have been extra careful because of my diabetes so I have taken a wait and see how things go approach .  As long as people don't let their guard down .  

In Kyrgyzstan they were quick to do a very strict quarantine right off the bat so they did not experience any of the numbers so I was feeling good about returning as soon as possible .,, that is until they dropped the restrictions about three weeks ago, and people took the attitude that it was over and back to life  as usual  and the masks even started coming off .. now they are starting to pay for that decision.  

Friday I ventured into the post office so I could mail some time sensitive tuition checks .  I was masked and gloved and there were only two people at a time in the post office .. that was until a young lady came in with some parcels ..  No gloves and no mask .. Now she probably thinks that she is young and healthy so she is fine .. but It was all I could muster not to tare a strip off her up one side and down the other for putting my life at risk and how totally inconsiderate she was .   No mater how I formulated the sentence in my mind, I knew it would not come out kind .. so I stuck my tongue out at her , which she could not tell because I HAD MY MASK ON. . I have decided that maybe I am still not ready for this .. it only takes one thoughtless person  to start a chain reaction that would destroy so many lives .. because people seem to think it is their right to do so.  .. Please don't be that person ....

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