Friday, June 19, 2020

Receiving their Blessings from you !

Today's food drops were to people that are in the blind society who have not received any help yet .  I would think that they must live every day in a dark and isolated place, and then to have the quarantine restrictions on top of that would be terrible.  They are all so thankful for all your support. 

We started with the bags and boxes packed and at a central location.  Those that could make their way came to pick up, then any that could not make it out will be next on our list.

But it did not just start there. So much work goes into these food deliveries.  First lists are made and a plan is put into place.  Next up is to find a store that can fill the order for us ..  All hands on deck as the items are purchased and packed into individual bags  .. Next up is getting everything loaded into cars that can bring everything to the distribution site where people will be waiting for help. 

Then everything has to be unloaded and organized so that those on the list can come and receive their blessing from YOU.

Stay tuned as the blessings continue . 

July 1st is when we have to start getting tuition's paid for the fall.   As you can see by the thermometer on the top of the blog, we have a long way to go.  This Fathers day , if you can't think of what to get that Father that has everything, please consider a donation to the scholarship fund. 

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