Sunday, June 07, 2020

Hit the re-set

We have been trying to keep things organized .. Every two weeks we have been doing a large food drop , dividing it up between the different areas and people we work with.  We have put on a push for raising the funds ($2500 each time) , then take a week off from the fundraising and focus on the deliveries.

This sounds good, but here is the problem.  There are people out there that did not get on the list this time and can not wait for 2 more weeks for food. 

I was speaking with both Vera and Acel, and they both shared how the needs are still so great with the people they know.  They both are ready to keep distributing food as soon as we can get the funds through to them.   

We have gone ahead and given them each $500 toward 50 more families each. We are still trying to raise  $750 toward the last drop, but rather then holding off , we will hit the re-set button and just change the total needed right now , so here is the new number $1750.  

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