Friday, May 15, 2020

Not everything has to be crisis mode .

The guys on the farm are reworking a sales wagon that we had made a few years ago. It needed some repairs so while at it they have added a couple shelves. Tomorrow they will put a sun cover on and some table cloth on the counter.  It will have a sign that says "to our wonderful Neighbors, please help yourself" . 

In the green house we have a furnice room, and in that room we had a water storage barrel.  It was in there before we had the fish ponds , and since then we have not needed it there.  At the same time the storage container for our water system at the Kashar was too small. so we thought it would be good to double up . 

To get it out of the room, there was only one way.. peal back the roof and go up .  

Great job guys .

Today was a special day . It is Emma's birthday .  We had a little celebration lunch for her today .  we even made a cake .. I had a little trouble with the icing with not having all the right ingredients, but we did manage to pull it off. 

There is another birthday today. Our friend who watches and helps us at the kashar had a birthday as well.  She loves to cook and is an awesome cook , in fact I am a little embarrassed for her to see the cake I made today hahaha.  But you know not everything has to be crisis mode .  It is so nice to be able to do something special just because .... Today Vlad delivered a big package to her full of backing supplies and chocolates, spices , yeast , honey .. all the things she might have a hard time getting now .  We appreciate Her and her husband and it was a blessing to us to be able to show that.

Just a heads up, next week we will be revisiting the Humanitarian food drops and making a plan for what is next .  We will let you know when we get a total .  I think that some of the orphanages and institutions are soon going to be in need again. 

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