Saturday, May 16, 2020

Free produce . just one of the ways we can bring HOPE!

The vegetable cart is out.  today was spinach , in a few days we will be adding lettuce , tomatoes and cucumbers .  The signs are telling neighbors that it is free and to please help themselves .  

Throughout the season we will keep the cart going with the produce from the fields .

Next week we will be doing another food distribution . our target for next week is $2000 US for 150 families and one orphanage of 110 kids and a school for disabled kids. 

This has seemed to drag on for so many of us , and many of the people we are helping now we have already helped in the past, but as time goes on the situation is becoming more and more desperate.  please consider how you would be able to help , either sponsoring a food hamper at $10 a family , an orphanage at $200 or $40 a day to sponsor  bread for 350 people .  Lots of ways we can help.

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