Sunday, May 24, 2020

A little time in the mountains

96 000    That's the number of loaves of bread that have been given out by the bread team in Kyrgyzstan . Let that sink in 96 000.  This outreach has spread to many villages and towns, with volunteers coming together with time and resources, getting up at 5am every day  to bake and deliver bread free of charge to those in need .  Lets say it again 96 000 loaves of bread .. by the time most of you read this it we will have hit 100 000.    Obviously many others are starting to come on board to support , more then our $40 a day . This shows me that this is something that is not being dictated by the finances .  I believe that there is a blessing for those that are a part of this .  that's why we will continue to offer this as an opportunity for people to sponsor and in turn be blessed for their sacrifice ..

Our friend Vera , who is the director of a school for children with disabilities was busy as well .  Through her we were able to  send food hampers to her students that were in need .  She was able to personalize each package based on the family size and the kids likes .   

They were all blessed by her coming to see them .

It was a difficult time for Her and Oleg , but they kept focus on the kids.  In the middle of these deliveries, Oleg's father passed away, and their van broke down .  Please remember to pray for them.  We are planing with them to deliver to 50 more families next week.  

The next little report is from Sergey.  He was out to bring a special blessing to the Orlofka orphanage.  Not just food drop this time, but also some summer toys... balls bikes Also Sergey visited Jazgools family and brought her kids some outside toys as well .  This week we will bring her things for  her to plant in her garden .

Yesterday was a day in the mountains for our farm family .  Vlad brought them on a long hike up to find the lost lake .  it is a long grueling journey, but the view is beauty is breath taking . 

Bekah and Azamat ( and Lilly) went for a hike of their own .  The mountains sure are a great place to go to depart from the troubles of the world around you . 

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