Friday, May 29, 2020

See the gratitude on the faces.

I am of mix emotions today .. Thrilled  by the generosity of so many of you for reaching out and helped us to bring food to families in need.   Feeling blessed that we can be a part of bringing hope to so many , like the lady that heard that there was a potato at the dump, but returned home empty handed only to find Tanya there with full bags of groceries for her. I think of all the kids in the orphanages or the workers in the hospitals who have been receiving food hampers and I get overwhelmed .   I think of over 100 000 loaves of bread made with love and given out free to those in need. 
I think of our daughter Bekah and her husband Azamat , and all our friends , and our kids on the farm that we miss so much and wish we could be there with them.  
I see all the facebook posts and jokes  about people gaining so much weight during quarantine, and right away my mind goes to those who are forced out of there homes looking for food , and passing out on the side of the road from starvation, and it breaks my heart.   

I have no idea how much longer this will go on and the need will be there for the food drops.  Many families were borderline before this and struggle to get threw a normal winter, but this has been anything but normal .  Things have started to slowly open back up , but for the most part only because there is room in the hospitals for the sick ... 
With cupboards bare and work at a minimum , I think it will be a long hard summer as well.  We will continue to do our part as long as we can .   If you have noticed, we have been doing a large food drop every two weeks. these drops cost $2500 each time.  We have just a few days before the next drop and are only $145 away from our target.  In the off weeks we try to address other needs that come to our attention while on deliveries, like the boiler system collapse in one of the orphanage treatment centers.   The following food drops are scheduled to begin on the 15th when we will be back looking for support again . 
 Please  know that we are not taking the generosity for granted. We are reminded of your love and support when we see the gratitude on the faces of  every single person who receives a bag of food.  

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