Monday, September 09, 2019

"You can actually see the effects of the gospel "

If you had the opportunity to hear us speak somewhere last year you may have heard us share about the movie transformations that was about the village of Almalonga in Guatemala. In the movie there is a line when they are describing the transformation in the gardens , the person interviewed says " You can actually see the effects of the gospel."  then they show someone holding up some beets that are the size of a soft balls.     

beets and peppers being harvested 

Tomatoes being harvested by the pail .. only to be ready for another picking tomorrow.

The team is getting ready for food deliveries to the orphanages that day. 

THIS is where you really "actually see the effects of the gospel

 I remember reading that "Doing that which is pleasing to God is a spiritual act of worship."   What could be more pleasing to God then bringing food to orphanages, then taking time to play games and do some craft activities with them. 

While at one of the orphanages, the team got to visit their sewing room, and were able to purchase some of the things that the kids made. This helps the orphanage to be able to purchase more much needed sewing supplies so they can continue the program.  

this orphanage is where we buy a lot of the things in the gift shop from,  We buy a lot and then sell them for them through out the year as guests come , you can see some of the items in the photo below. 

the gift shop is also Marats painting studio .  Today he was blessed buy some of the team when they made him a solid easel for painting  

and of course the team is blessed everyday with treats that come from Mrs Honey Bee and her family next door . ( They are bee keepers and have yummy honey treats, and we did not know her name for a long time , and by the time we did, Mrs Honey be just seemed to stick.) 

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