Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Back in the saddle

A friend told me about a seat cushion he uses that was on sale at Canadian Tire, so we picked one up .   So now that I have my saddle we will be good to go.  We will head out tomorrow, and stop and see my brother up north on our way to Espanola .

   Last weekend Julie and I had a couple days up at the lake in Quebec. It is always a restful time for us, and I knew I would soon start doing things I shouldn't if I stayed home much longer .  So we stuck a mattress in the back of the van and I slept as Julie drove... I could get to like that way of traveling. We will have to try it again this weekend as we head for Espanola to catch up with the team and hear more of the incredible things that they did while at the farm.   

Right until the end, they worked hard.  The last couple days was full of canning and renovations on the boys house . 

On their last day they took the kids fishing .. Here you can see Nuric with his lunker ,  Its great to see Akbar on the right . This was only his second full day with us, so it was awesome to have such an outgoing team there to make him feel at home . 

Yesterday I had an appointment with the Urologist.  The biopsy has come back clear, and everything is healing as it should .  He has given me the go ahead to fly in a couple weeks, I will have to take it easy and not push it to much, so it will be a little shorter trip, but we are so thrilled to have the go ahead.  We came home from the Dr and sat down and booked our flight .  We will be departing on Oct 7, and leaving KG on the 19th. of November.  

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