Friday, September 06, 2019

And here I sit !

It has been a couple weeks now since I got out of the hospital and 10 days since I was discharged from Home care .   Every day I am getting a little stronger , but know I still have a long way to go. 

We have a team of friends from Espanola at the farm. I was looking forward to this for almost a year, and now they are there, and here I sit .. You can just imagine how hard this is for Julie and I .  

We have been getting updates from them morning and evening as our time zones overlap.  They are getting so much done.  

I will give you a little update ..  

This time of year there is a lot of harvesting and canning to do , so today they have started that so that they will be ready by Tuesday and Wednesday to start deliveries to orphanages and families in need .

Nuric was thrilled with his good harvest of potatoes 

everything is getting big .  check out the size of these beets and pumpkins 

members of the team are starting to get up close and personal with some of the animals on the farm... something else Nuric will love , having help with the milking.

Mark is settling nicely into the grandpa roll with his new best friend 

They have been busy renovating as well .  Nicks room in the hostel was needing a lift, so its now had a face lift and new wall paper.

Maybe soon we will get some new curtains and a nice carpet. 

In the garage, they have divided off a small room at the back that we can heat in the winter to give a heated shop for painting and working on the colder days 

Lots of sorting and organizing for the days ahead , crafts, gifts and games for the orphanages, and lots of vitamins and cold medications to be ready for the flue season.

 The little kitchen in the cafe was having some problems with some mold and deteriorating walls, as well around the heater we were getting some burns in the floor and needed fire resistant base. 

The team is a blessing to the community as well. Across the road from the farm there is a wheelchair clinic.  Last night the transport arrived from Europe with the new load of chairs.  The team was quick and eager to go over with the farm boys and help unload the truck.  

Our farm girls have been hard working cooking for the team , and as we usually do when teams are there , our neighbor brings over fresh waffle treats every morning.  

And through all this, Here I sit. 

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