Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Changing hats

The team has done it all , they landed a week ago and put on there hard hats right away and started renovations around the farm. Then they switched hats and became purchasing agents and brought the farm kids and families we support to the bazaar.  I don't kn ow what hat you would call it when they found themselves in an old building paint-balling with the kids.  The next hat was putting on the migrant worker hat, and headed out into the fields to harvest crops.  Next up was the hat of the Humanitarian aid worker as they start delivering to the orphanages and families in need.   
One of the ways that the farm works to support itself is the guest house business, it not only provides needed funds, but it is great life skills training for the kids. Today the team packed away the produce to make room for a group of dentists coming to the farm for a couple days .. It was all hands on deck today as they cooked, cleaned, made beds, and even got all the fishing tackle ready for the new guests arrival.  

Vlad is welding up the trusses for the roof over the out door kitchen 

Table is set and ready for 60 people for lunch and dinner ... I wish it was 62!

The team is all smiles despite the work, but what I notice is that the biggest smiles are from some of our girls on the farm, it was not very long ago that they did not have much to smile about, but today they are part of a big loving family, doing what Kyrgyz do best .. hosting big celebration meals. 


After lunch while the team cleaned up then moved up to the yurts to make room for the guests on the farm, Sergey took them all to a nice little fishing hole to catch supper . 

 Back home at the farm for a shore lunch , fresh trout on the fire . 

And they are still smiling 

I have no idea where these people are getting all their energy!

still have time for some couple time , relaxing and reflecting on the last week , and thinking about the week ahead. 

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