Tuesday, September 10, 2019

More food deliveries

Once again the team spread love around the valley.   Beginning with visits to the orphanages.  They packed up lots of fresh produce from the farm, then headed to the bazaar where they picked up bananas and diapers, then headed to the baby orphanage.  The kids just love bananas.   

Extra special was the time that they spent with some of the kids. 

One of the things that was important to this team was to spend some time with Tanya, and also visit some of the families that Tanya's mom Larisa cared for before she passed away this spring.   Tanya has been staying out at the farm with them helping as a translator, but today they took time to visit some of those families , bringing produce and school supplies.  

Once back at the farm, they were back to the canning. There is a lot of work to do and this team has been digging right in ,, Aigula sure likes having them there to help. 

Another project started this week is to put up a roof over the out door kitchen as a shelter in the rain and from the sun in the heat of the summer. 

Keep up the great work ladies (and guys )

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