Friday, August 10, 2012

What if ?..

After months of talking , planning and scheming,  The classes begin.   While Jengish was in Canada we toured a bio fuel plant, and struck up a conversation with an amazing young Man .  Darnell  is such an incredible wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm.  Together we came up with an idea ... 

* What if we could build an oil production facility in Kyrgyzstan that could take old used cooking oil and animal fats, and turn them into clean heating oil to help heat the seniors home,  Dayspring, and several of the other homes that we are currently helping to heat every winter .  
* What if we could provide something more substantial for the families living out at the dump to collect , where they could earn a good wage for a days work, not the 40 cents a day that they make now on a good day . 
* What if we could provide training and a skilled job for our friends that graduate from the rehab center, and for young adults when they graduate from the orphanages... 
* What if we we could find a design that would allow us to build the unit completely  from parts found at the bazzar right in Tokmok. 
* What if we could bring together a group of willing individuals that would  come to Kyrgyzstan and get this thing built and operational...

I am so excited to finally be able to share that the what if's have all fallen into place, and Today the team began their training .   and in the middle of October they will be ready to travel .  

The whole project is easier then you might think.  In simple turns , remove the soap  from the little strand thingies  and replace them with gas line antifreeze 

Darnell prepares the Lab  

So Class began with a quick discussion about Biodiesel, what it is and how it works 

We began with a jug of used cooking oil 

we then ran a test on the oil to determine the amount of Glycerin and acidity that would need to be removed 

I bet this is the first time that a communion glass has come into contact with one of these scales 

after careful measuring , the extraction formula is ready for the test 

a small amount of oil is carefully measured for the test 

so far so good 

the test thingy is filled with the nuturalizing stuff we just made 

the stuff is added to the sample of the oil until it turns pink and holds the color  for 30 seconds 

Jamie runs the second test to verify the results 

Once the right mix is calculated based on the results, we could begin oil production 

Mixing chamber was filled and the process began 

1/2 hour later we had a couple liters of pure furnace oil 

or was that ice tea.... 

sure looked like ice tea to me 
 Just think of the possibilities this project will have in the development of clean renewable energy, and provision of good middle class jobs, not to mention a source of heat for the most vulnerable.  

so you may also be interested in the bye product... Glicorin .. the main ingredient in soap,can  also used in the process of making peletized fish-food  , Hot Humid Air great to heat a green house with , and High nutrient water , just the type you would use to erigate Hydroponic Tomatoes and Cucumbers .  So phase two and future development  of the project will be a green house and fish farm combination attached to the side , to utilize the waste, and close the loop.   

   As soon as I get to Kyrgyzstan in a couple weeks , we will begin sourcing and pricing materials, but it is expected that the entire project will be able to be implemented for under $5000 and be capable of producing up to 200 liters of fuil per batch (50 gallons)  .. a great investment in the future  

This will be a prototype, but we can easily see this type of set up many of the villages providing more then just jobs and clean energy, but also providing Dignity .  


Cindy LaJoy said...

WOW WOW WOW! John, this is AWESOME! Please keep us all updated!

Michele said...

I am so amazed and grateful to learn of your latest project. When I was in my son's small town in Kazakhstan I dreamed of a small hydroponic farm to grow fresh vegetables. I too saw it as a potential for training and jobs/ no careers for the children aging out of the orphanages. But when I thought about the idea I couldn't figure out how to deal with the high cost of heating the facility during the brutal cold winter. Bio-fuel is so simply the answer. I so look forward to following and supporting your efforts. Thank you for your gift!