Monday, August 27, 2012

As we stumble along

We Began this morning with a 4 hour meeting with Larisa and Tanya  ,  So much to talk about .. many plans to make before they head for Alaska.

We will meet again on Wednesday with them to go out tpo the mens home and the village to say hello and to set some dates to return with some teams that we have coming in over the next couple months .. it will give us an excuse to stay in contact while Larissa is away.  Larisa had some amazing news.   She has found a Lady that will go to the mens home 5 days a week while she is away, and will keep things rolling.. as I am doing the math in my head, and trying to figure out how to pay for this, she tells me more awesome news.  A lady from Germany contacted her.  She is in Kyrgyzstan right now, and has been following this blog, and wanted to meet Larisa .. she was thrilled to see first hand all that has been going on, and has agreed to cover the salary and travel expenses of the worker while Larisa is away.  

There is still so much that I can't get my head around , like paying bills for power, phone ,internet and heat... like who pays heat when it's 95 out... but Emma seems to be a master and has it all worked out ,. when and were to pay.. so today she gave me a little lesson ... I think it will stay her job... I can't tell the bills apart... and things drive me wild like the bill by this date or the gas will be turned off... and the gas bill at the guest apartment is just about 1/2 a som... thats less then a penny... but if its not paid by Friday it will be cut off and we will have to pay $2 to get it back on.....

Later we went shopping and got the cupboards stocked up again with some of the basics, and got ourselves organized so we are ready for guests at a moments notice.   then for the last couple hours I have been working on some schedules for the teams coming.    We have also been working on housing arrangements and translators and transportation etc for the teams .. it is coming together nicely.

Tomorrow we will be bringing Maksat and Ibek back to school shopping and getting them some food , then we will go to Dayspring to meat Kostya and Olga , and visit the kids.   It will be great to get to know Kosta and Olga, and come up with some planes for the next few days , we have a bunch of back to school shopping to do, as well as getting tuition paid for a couple dozen students that we provide scholarships for.  

Aigooal and the kids came for a visit last night , they are doing great , and excited that Turat will be coming home shortly.. we will be happy to see him..

Sergey and Anya were over for a visit as well.  they are doing well as well .  they are eager to get buisy with us.. we are blessed to have them here to help .  It was kind of neet .. they told us that they got a call from Isar.. he was very happy that he had a beautiful suit in Isikol for his anniversary... so here is the rest of the storey ...

When we went to Isykool, there were 13 of  us, so since we had the space and knew we would have a lot of down time, we suggested that Isar should bring his wife and son as well .  Then when we got to the hotel, we were shown the rooms.. they were nice.. plain and shared a bathroom ... then I was told to go with the hotel manager to see my room .. it was on the top floor and was a very nice suit with air conditioning and it's own bathroom, a big screen TV and the works.. I had this dilemma .. they all wanted to bless us, and I so did not want to be that guy that sits in the penthouse while the rest are off some where else... I was just not comfortable with that, so I asked if they had any more rooms in that section,, they had one more, but it was a lot smaller and did not have air conditioning   but gave me an out ,, I suggested that since Isar had his family he should take the big room , and we would take the smaller one ... and still be in the fancy section to make the others happy .    Isar's wife, Axanna   came to Julie after seeing her room.. she was sooo happy she said that she knew that rooms like that existed, and had dreamed of staying in a room like that, and now , on there 18th anniversary her dream came true..  "HOW DID WE KNOW"... Julie just smiled and told her "We didn't know , but God did. "

I just love the way things all come together for good  as we stumble along ...

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