Monday, August 13, 2012

this and that , a week in review

Last week was a fun week for us , Wednesday we had our new pastor and his family over for supper.  His first week was our last, so we wanted to make a point of meeting them and letting him know that it's nothing he said that has us leaving ..hahaha...   All joking aside,  We are feeling very blessed, we love he and his family already and we are looking forward to knowing them better, and working together.  

It was very hard saying good bye to Pastor Ron.. I always felt comfortable sharing our difficulties with Ron, after all it was him that brought us to Central Asia, and he knew personally the people and the situations, so there was not a lot of explanation needed ,   He just new and had just the words that I needed .  So many of the trials we ave faced, he was there with us .. even during the revolution, he stayed up late into the night on skype  giving peace to a difficult time .. I guess it was comforting .. someone who understood us , and got us... 

Wednesday , we spent an evening with a wonderful young family that I believe , " Understands us"  ,  we are so far from even beginning to explain all the area's that we are involved, but I believe " Our spirits bear witness"  I am sure that there is as much for me to learn about him as there is for him to learn about us, but but what we do know is that we serve the same God,  We enjoyed our evening together , and I am sure that many more will follow .  

Sunday I had the opportunity to share again about the work in Kyrgyzstan.  Again. in 45 minutes , there is not much chance in sharing everything that we are about, so instead, I shared more our philosophy of ministry,  and some of the events that have lead us to where we are today .  

Check out the cool shoes...what a gift,  hand made for us at the Aurora shoe company in NY   just a little plug for them,  Likely the best shoes I have ever had...I would highly recommend them to anyone

In the last few years, I have really come to realize that during our time in North America, the Kyrgyzstan that is now in us , has as much to offer the here as what we would expect to bring to the table there .. its just a different angle of the same message . 

After the service, We went to Julies sisters house for a BBQ and corn roast. It was nice to have the whole family together for that .  

We had a chance to say good bye to every one , especially Julie's Dad...  He has been a great example to me of generosity, and a comfort in difficult times... I must say that what I have learned from him, He does not have a lot to say, but you always know he is there for you .  He has been an important part of the way I deal with situations that we face now ... 

 Today we spent the afternoon and evening with Lynn and Ruby.. planing and visiting .. and preparing for the next steps.  Tomorrow we have a meeting with sponsors in the morning , Julie and I at two separate meeting in the afternoon, then at supper, we will be having one of the teams traveling this fall over for a team meeting and to experience a traditional Kyrgyz meal... Then we are getting ready to head to Espanola this weekend.  It's like a missions trip that ends in 10 days... We are looking forward to see every one in Kyrgyzstan, and realize that we are close enough that our calendar here is full, and we are now booking times and events in Kyrgyzstan,.,...

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