Friday, August 24, 2012

Nice to be home .

We had great flights this trip.  No problems, and it was not until the last hour that we started to get ancy.  We took a new short connection threw Moscow. we had 1 1/2 hour turn around, and made it with 1/2 hour to spare.  Boy has the Moscow airport has sure come a long way , I would not have believed it if I wasw told this 5 years ago.. we would have even had time to stop at Burger King  in the3 airport if we wanted .

We stoped in Bishkek and picked up Bekah.. she was as excited as us ..

everyone was excited to see us 

we threw together one of our famous one pot pressure cooker meals  .. soooo good , but what was better was the company .
Since Bekah has started school already, she will have to be back in Bishkek on Monday morning, so we have decided to start with a litle holiday for them.  We are pretending that we arrive on Monday and will start then, so for now we are taking the girls to Isykool for some down time and debriefing for the weekend.  Isar and his wife and son will drive us... but then that leaves a few extra seats so Acel and Talant and the girls, and Altynai,s siblings will join us as well.

   It was a little harry the last couple days , we returned home from Espanola on Monday late after a couple meetings along the way, then Tuesday we had 3 more meetings , pluss get every thing ready for the booth at the fall fair while we are away, plus some last minute things to get the house ready for us leaving, Wednesday we had a couple more3 meetings, and pack our bags and bags for the next two teams to bring as well... the last of the Vitamins have left the building    yayyyy.  I got about 2 hours sleep Wednesday night while Julie was doing the last cleaning to go.  then we left at 3:30 am Thurday morning , and arrived here 3:30 pm  Friday night ... All that to say , we too, are ready to spend a day on the beach .. what better way to jet lag...

Monday morning we will see |Larisa and go with her for half thre day to touch base with were she is at.  We are looking forward to going monday as well to seeing the rest of the team.

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