Monday, August 06, 2012

An opportunity to be a blessings

Doing our part .. some times it is a little more challenging then you might think.   Right now we are a little behind the gun as far as support for Larisa and Tanya goes.  They have an incredible opportunity to be a part of a training for working with the disabled .   They will fly to Alaska for a 3 month intensive training , then the team of Dr's will return to Kyrgyzstan in the spring to assist with the implementation of what they have learned in the institutions and with the families that larisa supports.  They have the visa's and everything in place, Our problem is that we are still about $4500 away from making this a possibility, and the time is running out....
Larisa heading up a drop of fresh strawberries to the seniors home 
 so here is the dilemma..  Time dos not just stand still, and neither do the needs.  What is tempting is to just sit on one need until it is met rather then tackling all the needs as they arise   

Let me tell you about Konibeck ... We talk about the restoration of hope and dignity to a life... Konibek is an example of that .  For 7 years Konibeck lived on the streets , down and out, tangled up in a life of Drugs and Alcohol.  5 years ago, Jengish rescued him off of the streets and introduced him to a new way of life.  Since that time, Konibeck not only sobered up, but has had an active roll helping others at the rehab centre.  There is still one more very large hurtal in his life when it comes to full restoration .  His teeth are VERY bad. , and he is very self conscious of just how bad they are .    

Jengish has asked if we could help with this.. maybe take him to have all his teeth pulled.. Yes that would be a great help, and take away a lot of pain, but I don't feel that we can just stop there ... A couple years ago , a friend and sponsor took care of my teeth, not just pulling them but replacing them...  I understand what a blessing that is .  It is my goal to do the same for Konibeck, likely about $1000 would do it .   , I want to bring a real smile back to the face of a man who has dedicated his new life to putting a smile on the faces of others .  

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