Thursday, August 30, 2012

Great day in the city

Lots happened Yesterday , University tuitions were paid, Baktagool found a school and is registered, and ready to start Monday, we met with Jengish, Christy, our friends we work with in Karabalta, and  Andre from Karakool .    He was so happy to see us, and could not stop telling us how grateful he and the kids were for the blessing of being able to go to Summer camp.  He shared again how disappointed they were when their funding had fallen through, but he said that they just gathered together and prayed .. they knew that only God could make it work out.. when they woke up in the morning , you folks had been busy, and the guarantee of the funds had come in , and they were able to enjoy camp this summer . 

below are a couple photo's from camp.  Thank you all so much for making this possible for them  

We had a little extra that came from camp money , but it was just right .. Andre had just come from back to school shopping for clothes and supplies and had everything but Back packs for 20 kids.. we were able to cover that ... so today they will be getting those .. I will get some photo's for the blog, if not today, then next week when David and Jayne re at the orphanage for a few days of training for them .. something that they are really really looking forward to.    If anyone wants to be a part of helping with that training, I am sure that David and Jayne could use the help with transportation expenses ( it is about 6 or 7 hours away ) as well as printing expenses for training materials..  this is the kind of thing that will impact not just these kids, but many more to come .. It is such an honor for us to be considered team members with such an incredible couple with so much to offer.   some times we feel a little out of our league  We seem to stumble upon so many needs that are beyond us, but The LAMb team is there for us to hand off to.   I think that that's why God has brought us all together .. " Where I am week , HE is strong."

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Karen D said...

Dear Wrights,
Out of your league????? You are in a league of your own. I don't know anyone who deals with crises like you guys can and bring such hope and encouragement everywhere you go. No comparisons. I know that the LAMb team has really benefited from your talents and your part can't be substituted by anyone. You rock!