Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Team report...home safe

Traveling is half the adventure.. and for the Stirling group, it certainly was an adventure..The began the trip 2 weeks ago being told they could not fly because of they did not have visa's ( that they did not need) then the flight was delayed 1 1/2 hours, almost missing a connecting flight , then on the way home they were almost extra billed for their luggage.. all of this developed a strong back bone in my friend Darren.. he learned that the airlines are anything but perfect, and time to time need a little "Training" it sounds like he learned well, because the adventure continued on the rest of the trip... Here is the letter I just got from them...

Hi guys,

We're home! We got home at 5 p.m. our time yesterday.

The Aeroflot flight was 10.5 hours as scheduled, except it didn't leave on time.
Therefore, when we arrived in New York at about 6:50 p.m. our baggage wasn't
able to make the next plane to Toronto.

Aeroflot put us up in 3 separate rooms at JFK International Hotel and we each
got a voucher for supper for $38 each, per person! The waiter gave us coffee to
go and 5 bottles of water and we all ate until we were full to capacity.

Delta booked our flight, no charge, for 9:35 Tuesday morning. They were going
to charge us $195 for our baggage, but when we got to the hotel, after supper,
Darren called Delta and they put in a waiver, so we didn't have to pay for our

This all worked out better actually, because Darren called The Hampton in
Toronto and they did not charge us for the night because of extenuating

Praise God. We prayed for our luggage and it all arrived in Toronto!

Hope all is well with you guys. It was such a blessing to be there. Say hi to
everyone, the entire team.

God bless you all.

It was such a blessing to us to have our good friends here with us, and to have the opportunity to share our burden for this incredible country with them.. I am sure that we will see awesome far reaching impacts as a result of this trip, not only in the lives of people here in Kyrgyzstan , but in the lives of this family.. We got to meat Logan.. and have come to love him, He is such a kind and caring young man.. He saw a lot while he was here, and I am sure the it will have changed his outlook on life.. I look forward to hearing how he has been changed... we will miss you all...

Guff...Guff...Guff... ( one day I will explain ..hahah)

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Melissa said...

Awww thanks for the update on the Snarr's and Logans arrivial.. Glad too here that they are home. Now my nerves can rest alittle too know my Sis and her family and Logan are safely bk.. What an adventure.. Good too know there luggage made it. Wonders if the Guff guff is a new word That Mrs T taught

Glad too read all the updates from days ago too.. Wow just unbelieve storys and supports.. I am just been over whelmed and anxious too see and hear all about this n exticement and breath taking events from the hearts off the Team that made it bk too Stirling. I just new n my heart that Logan would be touched in so many ways its hard too explain, but hes a great young gent as the Snarr girls i am sure great representives too the young of heart generations too come like. The Wright girls where to them..

thanks again for the updates when u can post even if the paying net bills was one small barrier .. Woohoo Darren got a back or should I say the Campbellford Kid..hehe
take care eh all