Friday, March 18, 2011

Invalid home celebration

We arrived tonight at the invalid home, and they were running a little behind, and the men were just getting ready for the last sitting for supper, so we went the craft room to wait.. Julie snapped this photo of tonight's supper.

After a little visit in the craft room we were ready to go back out into the hall for a concert when Larisa asked us to speak with one of the workers there .. She was a little lady, about 60 or 65, but was very weathered. She was carefull to wait until everyone else was out of the room, then she began to share ,... Her husband died 40 days ago, and a couple days ago her house burned down leaving her with only the cloths on her back... Some times we see such crushing situations around us.. I was glad that Darren and Teresa were there with us to see the kind of devastating situations we face , but at the same time I sure could have taken a pass on this one .. What do you do with this... starting over at 65 after loosing everything .. I was sort of lost for words... We have a rule that we don't give right away, we have a cooling off time , or we would be broke in a day ... We made sure that she had a place to stay for the next couple nights, and agreed to meet with her on Tuesday morning to help her make a plan... if any one has any idea's, and the finances to back it up , let me know... we have 2 days to figure this one out. she has know us for 4 years , and has never asked before.

Then we came out to a waiting room full of very excited men .

What a night ... wind them up and then calm them down.. just to wind them all up again...

Then out with the ice cream .. that was a hit.

A few more songs, and visits with friends,

Then we slipped out... Before we left we announced to them that on the way back to their rooms they would all get a samsa ( meat pie ) .. what an exciting night .. Even the girls had a great time.. boy this place has come a long way.

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