Sunday, March 20, 2011

Internet Back

After 2 days the Internet has decided to return.. Just in time to tell you that the team is off.. I wish I could Say without incident, but of course there was the usual shake down at the airport. We just did not have an easy feeling, so we hung around for a while when we dropped them off.. then had Bekah go to the Aeroflot office, and get the number off the door, and then called to the desk to make sure they made it out OK, Seconds later the manager was out to tell us that they had to pay for their second bag... an hour of holding his ground, Darren finely conceded just as we picked up the torch, and another 20 minutes, and it was agreed that they did not have to pay for the second bag. .. I really don't know why they bother to even argue with me ... It is now 6:55 am , and we are off to bed.. good thing today is a national holiday.. Time for some much needed sleep...
It was such a blessing for us to have our good friends here with us, and I am sure none of us will be the same... I will post the last two days later today when I get up .

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