Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hope ...

We had such an incredible weekend in Ohio... We called it a weekend dedicated to hope... all the time I was thinking of all our friends in Central Asia, but I think that the one who received the most HOPE was me.... It is easy to start feeling isolated at times ... there are so many out there that have encouraged us, but sometimes the sheer need can over power that support... This week end we took back a lot of ground... friends and supporters gathered from all over the US to give us HOPE and to give us a new restored energy.... to hold our shoulders back and press on. I suddenly put myself in the shoes of our friends like Larissa... she faces over whelming situations daily, she hears from us via Internet regularly, but when she sees us face to face...there is a Transfer of hope.... I shared on the weekend that HOPE is not bought... HOPE is taught... We are so looking forward to taking what our friends have taught us this weekend in Ohio, and sharing it with our friends in the village.
I will post some photo's of the event shortly, but I wanted to just take a moment to remember why we do this... enjoy


Anonymous said...

Thank You, I needed that reality check. It's the faces that keep us there in our hearts and minds. I pray that we never forget thier faces, I pray fovour on your ministry there specially as you prepare to go back for a while.

Time for the rain to return to Iskra.


Dan :)

Kami and Scott said...

Hi John and Julie!
It was so wonderful to meet you in Ohio and learn more about your mission in Kyrgyzstan. We hope to keep in touch with you, especially if we travel in the spring to pick up our son from Bishkek. Thank you for all you do! Our prayers are with you and the people of Kyrgyzstan. - Kami and Scott :)